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>> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. winning powerball numbers, they are 22, 10, 13, 14, 52 and bow ball number 11. if you have those numbers, you are much richer. the powerball jackpot is up to $600 million. $37 million if you take the cash option. a big prize lured a lot of people to bay area convenience stores. it's the second biggest jackpot
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of all time. if no one matches the numbers the jackpot is expected to rise to $925 million. preparations are underway for the bay to breakers race. 30,000 runners are taking part in the race. in light of the boston bombings, there will be a higher police presence. we'll have more on the road closures tonight at 11:00 and >> authorities evacuated downtown livermore after a package was found near the tour of california race route. it was found in a dumpster to celebrate. people were cleared from a three block area while investigators searched the area. in less than an hour, police were able to confirm it was a package of postcards wrapped and stuffed in a box. it was suspicious looking with cardboard box, bound up
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with a southern california label on it. we know it wasn't there in the morning. it was placed there sometime during the engine. we had to take all the precautions necessary. >> ama: the racers moved on to mount diablo summit and were not affected. >> earlier in the race, a chp motorcycle collided with a car. the motorcycle was left in pieces. the driver of the motorcycle was airlifted to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries. officers tell us the silver car was turning left into a driveway or trying to make a u-turn when the accident happened. >> a san jose man faces charges tonight on with a police call a case of road rage. he is accused of attacking a man with a screwdriver and following him to a fremont gas station. he was arrested yesterday. they say he stabbed the man who was sitting in the repeatedly in a ti aest.
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homicide case in antioch. a 22-year-old man was found shot to death near an apartment complex yesterday morning. police today say a phone call someone reporting a suspicious person led to the arrest. police are not naming the suspect who was booked in jail on homicide charges. >> occupy protestors have returned to a farm in albany. they are farming land on the gill tract, land that the university wants to develop. occupy farm members ignored police today. the property on san pablo is owned by u.c. berkeley and slated for development. occupiers want the vacant property turned into an urban farm. >> i would like to see it become an urban farm, to teach the children from around here, how we can grow ourselves.
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>> you are ordered to leave the property immediately. >> u.c. police issued the order every hour. he has been ignored since 11:30 when they begin planting vegetables on the property. a grocery store and senior housing being highlighted in yellow are planned for the site. several residents came to protest. they say the city needs the development. 85-year-old retired firefighter joined the fight. >> to come down. >> police are standing by. >> u.c. police haven't said when they willvick the protestors. this is the latest dispute between urban farm proponents and u.c. berkeley which has been trying to develop the property for the last ten years. >> ama: neighbors aired their views about a plan to remove thousands of non-native trees from the east bay usino
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cut down 22,000 frees. it's in the final stages of review. today's meeting was the last opportunity for the public to speak out about the plan. >> i think we have to resist this attempt to criminalize an illegal immigrant tree. it doesn't work. >> ama: u.c. berkeley wants to replace the trees with native species. the trees can burn explosively. federal management agency will provide $5.6 million along with oakland to help reduce the fire danger from the totaled of 80,000 non-native trees. >> a conservative group in southern california purchased radio ads to urge parents to
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keep their children home on harvey milk day. the ads urge parents to protect your children from harvey milk indoctrination. they are running in los angeles and sacramento. gay rights group equality california says the campaign is homophobic and encourages discrimination. a dramatic and frightening scene was caught on tape at lieu neu washing international airport. the pilot on a flight from philadelphia had to to land the plane on the belly when the landing gear didn't drop. u.s. airways flight made a safe landing after developing trouble with the landing gear. it was frightening moment with sparks flying. as these photos show, fire and rescue crews sprayed foam on the plane to keep it from catching fire. the plane with 31 passengers and three crew had left philadelphia just before 11:00 for a short
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flight. they circled several times trying to determine the source of the problem. when nothing worked he brought it down safely. >> pilots say they train for this sort of thing. that training in this case certainly paid off. >> there were no injuries and the passengers were transported by bus to the terminal. n.t.s.b. is investigating the incident. >> still ahead, what police believe caused a crash during a parade that injured more than 50 people. plus, a look at damage caused by two trains that collided on the east coast. and seth curry gets a special award from san francisco. where you can see them presented with the keys to the city. >> i'm sandhya patel. >> i'm sandhya patel. temperatur [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps.
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>> ama: more than 50 people have been injured after a car drove into the parade in virginia. an elderly man plowed into a participants and going hundred feet before stopping. three people were airlifted to the hospital. no one was killed. police believe the man may have had a medical emergency. three people are in critical condition after two passenger trains collided in southwestern kentucky. federal officials are looking into what caused the crash yesterday. a train heading from new york city to knew haven derailed striking another train. a total of 70 people were hurt. those who surveyed the damage say it's amazing that more people weren't seriously injured. >> the sides of cars are torn away, like ribbons of cloth.
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tons of metal tossed around and inside the cars are shattered. >> it was pretty scary. >> a stretch of rails, tens of thousands of passengers take daily is now shut down. once the ntsb finishes the investigation, tracks will need to be repaired before they can be reopened. >> coming up, what scientists say caused a massive explosion on the moon that could be seen from the earth without a telescope. >> and we'll tell you how many layers you'll need tomorrow for the bay to breakers race. sandhya patel has the forecast. >> coming up in sports, another rocky performance by a giants' starti
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>> ama: graduates from cal were treated to a special speaker today. apple cofounder steve wozniak did the commencement speech. he told the new grads pursuit of happiness is more important. >> it doesn't matter how much money you make, how many awards you got, the day you day and if another person is out on the street homeless, telling jokes having a fun time. who would you rather be. i would rather be the fun person. >> he finished his degree in 1996 after he was worth hundred
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million dollars. >> the warriors may have lost but season success went far beyond expectations. they came in second place in the pacific division. the city of san francisco will recognize them with a public celebration. during the celebration, the mayor will give seth curry a key to the city. it starts at 11:30 at city hall. a recent collision on the moon could be seen by the naked eye. here it is. next to the triangle on the right side of your screen. nasa scientists said as the meteor hitting the moon at a speed of 56,000 miles an hour. it's the biggest explosion they've scene since they started monitoring the moon eight years ago. >> a grizzly bear caught on tape in alaska inside and out. a photographer set up his camera to shoot bears for a documentary. sure enough the curious bear
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walked into the frame. and looks at it and tries to eat it. the animal's antics provide an impossible look of a live grizzly bear's mouth. yum. >> too close to comfort. >> we take the temperatures close to 90 degrees tomorrow. we'll be in the 90s by the time we get to monday. we're seeing signs of fog along the san mateo, santa cruz coastline right now. you can see it here. it started swarming right around couple of hours ago. we will be seeing the fog first thing in the morning. as you look at the transamerica pyramid from looking at the financial district. things are looking fine. visibility is fine. san francisco, 57 degrees. 61, oakland. san jose, 51 degrees.
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you can see the camera shaking but a beautiful view of san francisco and the bay bridge. it's still very mild outside in napa and santa rosa. in the 60s. livermore 60. 63 in los gatos. view from high definition emeryville camera, you can see back towards san francisco. patchy coastal fog and warmer the next two days. the temperatures came up a few degrees. cooling starts on tuesday and it will be a dramatic shifted in our temperatures we head into next week. enjoy this ridge of high pressure is building in and we'll see the warming trend continue for sunday and monday back to work forecast. here is a look at the temperature trend. 867 in livermore. 91 by monday. -- 86 in livermore and temperatures will really go down as a area of low pressure moves south. tomorrow morning, looking at fog
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and low clouds near the coastline. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s. early morning plans a crisp, cool start and you will need that extra layer. highs in the south bay, santa cruz, 76 degrees. 80 in san jose. mountain view, 78 degrees. 74 in san mateo. low to mid 60s along the coast. downtown san francisco, 70 degrees. 60, bogega bay. 85, sonoma. heading on out to the east bay, mild, 76 in oakland. 74 in san leandro. fremont, castro valley, upper 70s. inland areas, this is where it is going to get warm. 86 fairfield. 8 degrees in antioch. some of you taking parted in the
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bay to breakers race, you'll be checking out the action, cool started. 55 degrees at 7:00 a.m. you will need an extra layer, 59 at 9:00. 69 and warming up later in the afternoon. here is a look at the seven-day forecast, bumping those temperatures up to 90 inland and 60s at the coast. temperatures will drop dramatically in the 70s as we headed into the workweek. 72 degrees by thursday so it will be 20-degree drop. and rick is in for shu tonight. >> very exciting game. they had to win to stay alive. down two games in the semifinals. san jose is in a must win situation against itself kings. sharks came out hungry. brad stuart, big hit. san jose gets on the board.
9:22 pm
dan boyle past jonathan quick. stewart turns it over. 6-5, it was 1-1. he would return and good thing in overtime, cotur wins on the power play goal. the sharks beat l.a. 2-1 and game four is tuesday back at the tank. before the giants took on the rockies tonight, the manager called a rare team meeting. the subject is nickel mistakes. they made nine errors. the meeting did not help. this young lady having a good time at coors field. not for tim lincecum. he gets gets to the ball and promptly throws it away. giants three more errors tonight. how bad was it? he is trying to make a pitch and
9:23 pm
falls down. rookie pitcher gets a hit and make it 4-1. here a blast by rosario, 10-2 was the final. >> star trek awards at coliseum. not a lot of fireworks during the contest. billy butler with a bloop single brings home a run. malone struck out the next batter. triple to deep center field. it will chase home coco crisp. a's beat the royals 2-1. >> and pacers looking to finish off the knicks. anthony would not go down with without a fight.
9:24 pm
lance stephenson, sparked a run and pacers eliminate the knicks, 106-99. next up miami starting on wednesday. >> kentucky derby winner orb was a great winner. this would put him in line to be the first triple crown winner. but a horse named oxbow had other plans. >> he is on the outside! moving to the outside, oxbow and to the outside. but it's oxbow and gary stevens wins the preakness. >> he pulls off the upset. he had gone off at 15-1 odds. there will not be triple crown winner this year. at the by ron nelson classic he wants to be the first wire to
9:25 pm
wire winner. it was a picture perfect day. check out this shot by john, his second on par four 14th. it is in for an eagle. >> and started the day with a three-shot lead. 68 has him on top by one going into the final round. gillis thanks to shows like this and it is in for a birdie. so the sharks knock off the kings 2-1 and try to even the series on tuesday. they have never come back from 2-0 deficit but this could be the year. >> ama: coming up next, rolling with farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to protect your place from burglars? buy a lock. buy a dog. mow the lawn. get a sign. hang curtains. plant something thorny. buy another lock. and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi!
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>> ama: coming up at 11:00, a bay area restaurant under fire. the unusual thing they are serving that has so many people upset. and mobile technology is changing the way local government works. and video as more tornadoes touch down in the midwest. we have a look at the damage. >> in sonoma today -- san mateo they had a makers fair. the event center was packed with lights. but most inventive thing, a man decorated his cars with hundreds of plastic sticks and had them sing a song. what combination. that is it. that is it. our next
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